October 22, 2012 DJ Sean P

10.26.12 Playdough & J.Rhodes  Writer Die: Deux or Die X Oak Cliff Huxtable Release Party   @ The Door Dallas  

Be there!  Big show with the homies!  Playdough and I will preform serval cuts from Writer Die: Deux or Die in a fresh, new set.  You know we try to keep it live for the faithful riders.  Facebook Event
J.Rhodes (w/ live band) 
Playdough & DJ Sean P (live art by David Rodriguez) 
Dustin Cavazos 
TY City 
V.A. The Gray 
D. Hayes 
Hosted by Rico Slice 
DJ Niro & DJ M Knight 
Friday October 26th 
The Door 
2513 Main Street 
Dallas, TX 75226

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