August 11, 2015 DJ Sean P

Watch All  Playdough & Sean Patrick Videos  

I’ve been away for over a year now.  But, it’s time to wake this site from the grave.  In an effort to play catch up I made a playlist on my YouTube page to bring all the videos I’ve done with Playdough.  There’s 14 videos!

Hold tight for our new album “We Buy Gold.”  We’ve already shot the first video for the lead single!  Artwork is done.  Vinyl is being pressed as we speak.  And, we are getting all the merch for pre-orders together now.

Thanks for keeping up with me.  Join me on Instagram to follow my day to day.  You’ll see new beats I’m working on, see who I’m engineering for, watch me cut it up, and see what music I’m listening to!

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